Become A Sponsor And Join The Team!

Being a professional athlete demands hours of training, failing, growing, learning, sacrificing, but most importantly dedication. Sounds a lot like any other job and in fact it is pretty similar except there is no guaranteed pay until receiving a few (several) bumps, bruises, and bloody noses. Many athletes seek sponsorship from local or major businesses to aid in the expenses of training, nutrition, and recovery. 

Joining the team and becoming a sponsor will allow maximum focus during training and recovery and minimize other lifestyle stressors. Sponsorship funds will be used to elevate training for better performances and cover any expenses relating to training camp such as; headgear, mouthpiece, boxing trunks, boxing gloves, etc.! The list can go on and on. 


  • Your Business Logo on Fight Trunks: Whether it's broadcasted on a social media platform and viewed by thousands or on an international television network viewed by millions, your business logo will be seen on the fighter's boxing shorts!
  • Your Business Logo on Team Shirts: There are new batches of t-shirts being made year round. A great way to display your contribution to the team is by having a spot on the official team boxing shirt!
  • Digital Media Advertisements/Campaigns: Social media platforms are rising and new ones are coming out all the time. A great place to promote your company is by partnering up with an athlete or influencer to get more eyes on your companies goods or service. Social Media is a great place to start a digital campaign and have a call to action!

Types of Sponsorships:

  • Bronze: Company logo on Team Shirts. Walking billboard! Whenever someone purchases a team boxing shirt they proudly wear your business logo signifying your support for the TEAM! Comes with digital media advertisement. $500
  • Silver: Company logo on Fight Trunks! Reach thousands potentially millions of people by displaying your logo on fighter's trunks! Comes with digital media advertisement. $1000
  • Gold: Receive both bronze and silver promotional services plus an exclusive signed and framed professional fight glove (actual fight glove used bloody or not!) (Only 2 Gold Sponsors available per fight) $1500
  • Platinum: Receive both bronze and silver promotional services plus exclusive one of a kind signed and framed boxing trunks with your logo display! (Only 1 Platinum Sponsor available per fight) $2000

If interested in becoming a sponsor email: for more details!

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